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2010 Publications

Thank you for your interest in Western Research Institute publications. Publications are listed by year. Abstracts are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view PDF files, it may be necessary to first download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc.  Contact WRI for more information on publications listed.

Harnsberger, P. M., 2010, “Half and Half: One Year Later A Mat With 50 Percent RAP Looks Really Good,” Better Roads, Vol. 80, No 12.

McKenna, A. M., J. F. Schabron, R. P. Rodgers, and A. G. Marshall, 2010, “The Effect of Thermal Treatment on Asphaltene Composition and Structure Investigated by Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry,” Preprints, Div. of Petroleum Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 55 (1).

Pauli, A. T., R. W. Grimes, A. G. Beemer, J. J. Miller, J. D. Beiswenger, J. E. MacNaughton, T. F. Turner, and J. F. Branthaver.  “Morphology of Asphalts, Asphalt Chromatographic Fractions and Model Wax-doped Asphalts Studied in Thin-films by Atomic Force Microscopy.” International Journal of Pavement Engineering, in press.

Schabron, J. F. and J. F. Rovani, 2010, “Asphaltene Subfractions: New Insight into Heavy Oil Chemistry,” Preprints, Div. of Petroleum Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 55 (1).

Schabron, J. F., J. F. Rovani, M. M. Sanderson, 2010, “Asphaltene Determinator Method for Automated On-Column Precipitation and Redissolution of Pericondensed Aromatic Asphaltene Compounds,” Energy & Fuels, 24 (11), 5984-5996.  http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdfplus/10.1021/ef100822f

Schmets, A., N. Kringos, T. Pauli, P. Redelius, T. Scarpas, 2010, “On the Existence of Wax-induced Phase Separation in Bitumen.” International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 6, 555–563.

Sui, C., M. J. Farrar, W. H. Tuminello, and T. F. Turner, 2010, “New Technique for Measuring
Low-Temperature Properties of Asphalt Binders with Small Amounts of Material,”
Transportation Research Record 2179, 23-28.

Zhang, T., L. T. Fan, W. P. Walawender, M. Fan, A. E. Bland, T. Zuo, and D. W. Collins, 2010, “Chapter 7: Hydrogen Storage on Carbon Adsorbents: Review,” pp.137-163, Environanotechnology, Editors: Maohong Fan, C. P. Huang, Alan E. Bland, Zhonglin Wang, Rachid Slimane, Ian G. Wright, Elsevier.

Zhang, T., W. P. Walawender, and L. T. Fan, 2010, “Grain-Based Activated Carbons for Natural Gas Storage,” Bioresource Technology, 101, 1983-1991.


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