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2011 Publications

Thank you for your interest in Western Research Institute publications. Publications are listed by year. Abstracts are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view PDF files, it may be necessary to first download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc.  Contact WRI for more information on publications listed.

Harnsberger, P. M., M. J. Farrar, S-C. Huang, and R. E. Robertson, 2001, “Comparative Field Performance Using Asphalts from Multiple Crude Oil Sources,” Transportation Research Record 2207, 62-69.

Huang, S-C., and W. Grimes, 2011, “Influence of Aging Temperature on Rheological and
Chemical Properties of Asphalt Binders,” Transportation Research Record 2079, 39-48.

Huang, S-C., F. P. Miknis, W. Schuster, S. Salmans, M. Farrar, and R. Boysen, 2011,
“Rheological and Chemical Properties of Hydrated Lime and Polyphosphoric Acid Modified
Asphalts with Long Term Aging,” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 23(5) 628-637.

McCann, M., J.F.Rovani, K.P.Thomas, “Detection of Polymers in Asphalt Binders,” T&DI Congress 2011: Integrated Transportation and Development for a Better Tomorrow,” ASCE Conf. Proc. doi: 10.1061/41167(398)50.  http://ascelibrary.org/proceedings/resource/2/ascecp/398/41167/50_1?isAuthorized=no

Pauli, A. T., R. W. Grimes, A. G. Beemer, T. F. Turner, and J. F. Branthaver, “Morphology of Asphalts, Asphalt Fractions and Model Wax-Doped Asphalts Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy,” International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Special Issue: Advances in the Modeling of Bituminous Materials at Multiple Length Scales, Vol 12, Issue 4, August 2011, 291-309.

Petersen, J. C., and R. Glaser, “Asphalt Oxidation Mechanisms and the Role of Oxidation
Products on Age Hardening Revisited,” Road Materials and Pavement Design, 12 (4): 795-819.

Schabron, J.F.  and J.F. Rovani, 2011, “Total Pericondensed Aromatic (TPA) Determination as an Alternative to Gravimetric Asphaltenes,” Preprints, Div. of Petroleum Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 56 (1).

Schuster, W. C., J. M. Wolf, and F. P. Miknis, 2011, “Phosphorous-31 NMR Studies of MnRoad
Test Track Cells,” Road Materials and Pavement Design, Vol. 12/4, 931-944.

Sui, C., M. J. Farrar, P. M. Harnsberger, W. H. Tuminello, and T. F. Turner, 2011, “A New Low-temperature Performance Grading Method Using 4mm Parallel Plates on a DSR.” Transportation Research Record 2207, 43-48.

Towler, B.F., L. Goual, J.F. Schabron, 2011, “Mitigation of Wax Deposition Using Ultrasonic Waves,” Preprints, Div. of Petroleum Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 57.


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