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E&ET Coal Production Biogenic Methane Enhancement Photo
Bio-Enhanced Methane Production
WRI’s process increases methane production and can help revive abandoned wells. 
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Coalbed methane (CBM) and oil shale derived methane can be formed through thermogenic and biogenic processes. It is believed that biogenic methane accounts for 20 to 40 percent of the total methane reserve on earth. In the Rocky Mountain region’s Powder River Basin (PRB) and Green River Formation, data indicate that biogenic methane production is the dominant source of methane; and, it is currently active.

Working with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and private industry, WRI has developed Biogenic Methane Enhancement (BME) for optimizing biogenic methane production from coal and oil shale. Our patent-pending process has tremendous potential for increasing methane production from coal, oil shale and other organic-rich sources, such as lignite, oil sludge, even petroleum-contaminated soils. In the CBM industry, for instance, BME technology can help revive depleted, abandoned production wells and potentially enable them resume their pre-closure production capacity and achieve significant economic returns.

For further information on how to enhance in situ production of biogenic methane from coal seams and oil shale click here.


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