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E&ET Emissions Coal Test Facility Photo
Combustion Test Facility

WRI’s Combustion Test Facility simulates multiple power plant configurations. 
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One of WRI’s premier R&D resources is our Combustion Test Facility (CTF). The CTF is a pilot-scale coal combustion system that simulates a pulverized coal-fired utility boiler. It has a nominal coal firing capacity of 250,000 Btu/hour (about 30 lb/hour for a typical subbituminous coal).

The CTF is a balanced-draft system that can be set up to simulate a tangential-fired, wall-fired boiler or other power plant firing configuration. The unit is equipped with heat recovery surfaces to replicate the time/temperature profile of a utility boiler (water-cooled waterwall section, air-cooled superheater, reheater, and economizer simulators). The CTF also provides combustion air preheating to mimic a utility air preheater and over-fire air injection ports for combustion staging. The unit is equipped with a bag filter and solids and gas sampling trains. The gas analysis system includes online analyzers for monitoring O2, NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, as well as elemental and oxidized vapor-phase mercury.

Applications for which the CTF can be used include:

  • Multi-pollutant control
  • NOx reduction processes such as selective catalytic reduction, selective noncatalytic reduction, and reburning
  • SO2 abatement processes, including in-furnace sorbent injection and dry scrubbing
  • Mercury reduction using various technologies, including sorbent injection (e.g. Thief Carbon process)
  • Biomass co-firing
  • Combustion characteristics of alternate fuels
  • Oxy-combustion
  • CO2 capture

More than two dozen clients have used WRI’s Combustion Test Facility including The U.S. Department of Energy, BOC/Linde Group, Minnesota Power, Mobotec USA, and Tucson Electric and Power Company. The CTF is relatively inexpensive to operate, and its design and capabilities afford great flexibility in testing and analysis. WRI personnel offer extensive power generation expertise to ensure partners gain the insight and advantages sought from work performed at the CTF. Please click here  for further information on how this facility and WRI’s projects can support your interests.  

Contact :
Vijay K. Sethi
Senior Vice President
Energy Production and Generation

(307) 721-2376
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