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E&ET Emissions Sorbent Test Facility Photo
Sorbent Test Facility

WRI provides a resource for multi-pollutant sorbent testing and development.

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Emissions of interest to the regulatory agencies include mercury (Hg), greenhouse gases such as CO2 (which may be regulated by EPA in the future), and others such as selenium (Se) and arsenic (As).  Some of these emissions are problematic to noble metal and the carbon-based control technologies being developed for mercury control.  Adaptation to regulations is further complicated by the dual needs for capture-and-control and the measurement of emissions, particularly under a cap and trade system.

These considerations have created a need within the industry for multi-pollutant sorbents or other methods to capture air emissions from flue gases for final disposition, and in the case of CO2, for compression, transport and sequestration.  Low-cost multi-pollutant sorbents that operate at high temperatures will find a market in both pre-and post-combustion applications, as well as in gasification systems.

In support of the industry, WRI has developed a Sorbent Test Facility (STF) where multi-pollutant sorbents can be developed and tested.  


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