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Capabilities & Expertise
WRI offers a proven track record in developing new technologies and processes. 
Bioenergy & Gasification
Capabilities & Expertise

Catalysis & Synthesis
Environmental Remediation/Restoration
Oil Shale
Refinery Efficiency
Unconventional Fuels

Western Research Institute operates in close alignment with US Department of Energy objectives of secure and reliable energy, clean power generation, hydrogen resource development; energy efficiency and innovative fuels from low and no-cost sources.  Through strategic collaborations with industrial, academic and governmental partners, we work to ensure that secure fossil and renewable energy resources can meet the demand for clean, efficient and affordable energy.  What’s more, our innovative approaches to cleaning up from past energy, industrial and mining practices are bringing new life to disturbed sites and water sources.  

Programs and projects we’re engaged in include coal, heavy oil and oil shale upgrading/beneficiation; advanced combustion and gasification; thermo-chemical processes for the production of liquid fuels from fossil and renewable resources; enabling concepts and technologies for hydrogen-based energy systems; materials performance in advanced energy systems; technologies for the production and use of unconventional feedstocks; alternate approaches for the production of chemicals; mercury mitigation, and the development and testing of distributed and zero-emissions power generation options.

Our multidisciplinary scientists and engineers work in partnership with clients and sponsors on projects ranging from simple analyses to multi-million dollar programs covering a score of participating entities. The University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources introduces a strong new partner with which to enter into cooperative state and federal activities.  

WRI offers the necessary elements―experience, expertise, physical infrastructure, and outside resources―to ensure the successful execution of technology projects.   At our Advanced Technology Center, WRI utilizes specialized facilities and dedicated personnel with demonstrated expertise to scale up technologies for commercial deployment. 

Contact :
Vijay K. Sethi
Senior Vice President
Energy Production and Generation

(307) 721-2376
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