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ER&R Specialized Technical Services
WRI offers research and analytical support for developing and testing environmental technologies. 
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Environmental Remediation/Restoration

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Unconventional Fuels

WRI is well situated to provide high-quality technical services to government and industry clients. Carrying the analytical and research capability of a university and working closely with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and industry, WRI focuses on applied studies, technology development, analytical testing, and the resolution of real-world problems.

With DOE and private industry support, WRI has developed innovative technologies to enhance remediation of various contaminants, including petroleum constituents, chlorinated compounds, explosives, metals, and their mixtures.

The Environmental Remediation and Restoration group consists of scientists with a broad educational background and a wide range of expertise, including aquatic toxicology, biology, biochemistry, biogeochemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental biology, geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, microbiology, and molecular biology. Additionally, WRI’s affiliation with the University of Wyoming (UW) and joint appointments of WRI scientists at UW provide full access to specialized laboratories and analytical equipment.

We offer an array of technical services, including these:

  • Assessments of fates and degradability of inorganic and organic contaminants in soil and groundwater
  • Analyses of special parameters such as total oxygen demand and emerging contaminants
  • Soil characterizations and permeability tests of soil and other matrices
  • Metal analysis and speciation study by using atomic adsorption, ICP-MS, XRD, EDS, and XDS

We welcome the opportunity to serve as your “extended technical team,” applying laboratory testing and field evaluations to resolve extraordinary remediation and restoration challenges. We also invite your partnership to develop and apply innovative technologies to better meet environmental remediation needs.

For further highlights of WRI’s current environmental remediation projects serving government and industry click here.


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