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E&ET Waste Management
Waste Management

WRI is developing waste disposal solutions that do more.
Bioenergy & Gasification
Capabilities & Expertise
Catalysis & Synthesis
Environmental Remediation/Restoration

Oil Shale
Refinery Efficiency
Unconventional Fuels

Waste management programs at WRI focus on large-scale systems solutions for disposal of waste by-products from energy production and generation and the application of so-called “opportunity” wastes as the starting point for innovative technologies that deliver new energy resources and meet other needs.  In so doing, WRI closes the gap between “disposal” and “opportunity,” creating new resources for agriculture, industry, utilities, transportation, and communities.

For example, WRI is taking a number of approaches to the disposal of ash from coal-fired power plants.  We’ve developed ash-based construction materials such as synthetic aggregate and cement-like flowable fills.  We’re developing smart new ways to use agricultural and municipal wastes as the basis for transportation-grade fuels, electricity, and synthetic soil for the remediation of unproductive mine sites.  WRI is also working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop a gasification process to enable farmers to generate power from plant waste.  WRI offers solutions and opportunities.


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