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EnCore Soil Sampler Photo
En Core® Soil Sampler
A device used to push pills down the throats of dairy cattle was the inspiration for the En Core® Soil Sampler. 
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The disposable En Core® soil sampler by En Novative Technologies Inc. of Green Bay, Wisconsin, helps ensure that volatile organic compounds (VOCs—the very pollutants being sampled for) are not lost during sample collection at the site or during shipment to the laboratory for analysis.

WRI provided rigorous third-party testing and validation of the En Core® soil sampler.  On the basis of that data, WRI championed an ASTM standard, ASTM Standard Method D6418, which describes the use of the En Core® sampler. ASTM International is the world’s largest voluntary standards organization, producing standards that enhance product and method use by industry and government.

The simple-to-use, disposable En Core® sampler avoids many of the pitfalls of other VOC soil collection techniques.

  • The En Core® sampler eliminates the need for preservation with methanol, a toxic and flammable liquid.  (Unused methanol and samples must be disposed of as hazardous waste.)
  • The En Core® sampler construction and sampling technique eliminate many of the sources of compromised field samples, contributing to more precise and accurate laboratory results.

En Core Field Sampler Photo
The En Core® sampler minimizes sample exposure to air, helping preserve sample integrity.

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