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E&ET Oil Shale Photo
Oil Shale
WRI’s Oil Shale Characterization Lab offers commercial services to developers. 
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Oil Shale

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Unconventional Fuels

Spurred on by record-high crude oil prices, private industry is showing renewed interest in oil shale, which includes evaluating the environmental and production issues associated with oil shale resources. WRI represents the largest repository of information and expertise on Eastern and Western oil shales in the U.S.

Western Research Institute was the national center for the development of in-situ oil shale in the 1970s. It served as the Department of Energy (DOE) contract monitoring office for the large-scale shale leases in Colorado and Utah.  Current WRI staff have been instrumental in the DOE-sponsored characterization and feasibility assessment for Eastern shale development.

WRI’s Oil Shale Characterization Laboratory is providing commercial services, such as material balance Fischer assay, to today’s oil shale developers.  New energy needs and environmental standards require new thinking and new approaches. WRI offers a variety services and technologies to address today’s new landscape of oil shale development.


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