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Gasification Photo
Bioenergy & Gasification
WRI is pioneering
new approaches to
producing fuels and
creating energy.
Bioenergy & Gasification

Capabilities & Expertise
Catalysis & Synthesis
Environmental Remediation/Restoration
Oil Shale
Refinery Efficiency
Unconventional Fuels

Gasification and emerging bioenergy technologies are cornerstones of WRI’s research and development. Our novel approaches to energy generation and waste management are garnering attention. We are advancing the production of fuels through biomass gasification, coal gasification, thermochemical production of liquid fuels, and substitute natural gas from coal. WRI’s leadership in applied microbial fuel cell research is helping simultaneously reduce organic contaminants and generate electricity. In addition, WRI is introducing Biogenic Methane Enhancement, a method to significantly extend coalbed methane production.  WRI houses numerous one-of-a-kind laboratories for testing and simulating innovative technologies. 


Contact :
Vijay K. Sethi
Senior Vice President
Energy Production and Generation

(307) 721-2376
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