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E&ET Refinery Efficiency Photo
Refinery Efficiency
WRI serves the oil industry with research, innovation, and problem-solving. 
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Refinery Efficiency

Unconventional Fuels

WRI gives refiners new tools and insights for greater control over distillation processes and output. Our research capabilities, new technologies and troubleshooting support increased efficiency and productivity.  Work may be maintained as proprietary. 

We’re introducing new levels of predictability to refinery operations by establishing methods to measure the tendencies of residua toward non-pyrolytic heat-induced fouling and pyrolytic coke formation.  WRI’s patented Coking Indexes allow refiners to gauge how close a residuum is to producing coke during distillation and visbreaking processes.  This can help maximize distillation yield and profitability while minimizing the risk of undesired coke formation.  What’s more, we’ve made it easy to measure the compatibility and stability of asphalts and residua (and blends of these materials) with the WRI Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (patent pending).

Residua Evaluation and Characterization  
WRI has extensive capabilities in the separation and characterization of petroleum residua and their fractions.  We conduct custom separations using techniques such as ion exchange, adsorption, size exclusion chromatography, and the WRI-developed on-column precipitation and re-dissolution technique.  WRI provides non-routine analytical services, including investigative analyses, troubleshooting, and project support to address production needs.

Conferences and Symposia
WRI annually hosts the Petersen Asphalt Research Conference.  With the FHWA, we organize the Pavement Performance Prediction Symposium.  With the Canadian National Centre for Upgrading Technology, WRI is a sponsor and organizer of the Conference on the Upgrading and Refining of Heavy Oil, Bitumen and Synthetic Crude Oil.  WRI routinely organizes heavy oil symposia at American Chemical Society national meetings.


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