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WRI Contributes to Cleaner Coal through State Task Force-Sponsored Project

Western Research Institute (WRI) of Laramie, Wyoming, will contribute to three of ten projects endorsed for funding by The Advanced Conversion Technologies Task Force (formerly the Wyoming Clean Coal Task Force). The goal of the program, which is supported by appropriations from the Wyoming state legislature, is to support research on cost-effective, low-emission energy generation technologies adapted to the use of Wyoming coals.

Technologies located at WRI will be developed as part of the following projects supported by the Task Force:

Engineering Demonstration of a Modular Fischer-Tropsch for Wyoming Coal-to-Liquids Fuels. WRI and Ceramatec, Inc. of Salt Lake City will scale up and test Ceramatec’s advanced modular Fischer-Tropsch reactor system for converting coal to transportation fuels. This is Phase 2 of this project. (2 years).

Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Catalytic Wyoming Coal Gasification and Syngas Processing Technologies. In a coal gasification project with the University of Wyoming, WRI will be the site of a pilot-scale demonstration of a catalytic conversion system using Wyoming coal; the project will also explore methods for producing diesel fuel from the coal synthesis gas. Other partners are FMC Corp., SIDCOM, the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC), and the University of West Virginia. (2 years)

Advanced Polygeneration Platform – Optimizing Oxy-Combustion Burner for Utilizing PRB and GRB Coals. A project led by the environmental engineering firm LP Amina will develop and upgrade the Combustion/Gasification Test Facilities at WRI and test high-temperature oxy-fired combustion and gasification-related systems using Powder River Basin and Green River Basin coals. (2.5 years)

WRI CTF 2012
The approximately $11 million awarded by the Advanced Conversion Technologies Task Force for all ten
projects will be matched by $11.5 million in industry and other funding. 

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