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Coal Ash Management Ready-Fill Photo
Ready-Fill™ Flowable Fill Materials
Ready-Fill™ is an example of how WRI is developing beneficial uses for coal combustion ashes.
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WRI has developed a variety of flowable fill materials from coal combustion ashes and specialty chemicals for use in construction applications. Flowable fill is mixed in a ready-mix concrete truck and can be used for removable backfills, structural fills, isolation fills, and trench bedding.

The material can be discharged by chutes or pumped using standard concrete or grout equipment.  Because of lower excavation and placement costs, ash-based flowable fill is usually cheaper than other construction options.

WRI, with support of Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU), North Dakota Industrial Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy, has developed Ready-Fill™, a flowable fill material made from circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) ashes. 

Ready-Fill™ has been used in a range of construction applications requiring both excavatable and structural materials.  Ready-Fill™ offers contractors a strong cost advantage over other fill mixtures because it makes use of local ash materials and fines from natural aggregate processing that are not otherwise readily marketable.

Licensing opportunities available.


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