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Biological Source Treatment Photo
Biological Source Treatment (BST)
WRI’s advanced bio-remediation technique treats acid mine drainage at its source. 
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Acid mine drainage (AMD) is a particular type of pollution that involves extremely acidic effluent from mining coal, metals, and other sulfide-containing ores; it is very costly to treat. WRI has developed a unique Biological Source Treatment (BST) technique that is distinctive from other existing treatment techniques that focus on AMD effluent. Our BST technique treats and prevents AMD generation at its source and reduces mining remediation costs significantly by using readily available, inexpensive sources of microbial inoculum and substrates. This innovative technology facilitates the formation of several layers of complex biofilm and biogeo-precipitates on the AMD source material, shielding it from being oxidized by dissolved oxygen in water, therefore, eliminating AMD production at its source. The sulfate-reducing activity in the biofilm consumes protons and raises pH from the acidic to circum-neutral range in a short period of time. Additionally, the BST technique utilizes electromagnetic induction to identify AMD source material and monitor the remediation process, thus, eliminating the need for an extensive network of costly monitoring wells.

This distinctive BST technology has been patented by WRI. For further information on BST and how it can cost-effectively resolve your AMD concerns at their source click here.

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