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Diesel Dog® Soil Test Kit
Diesel Dog® quickly identifies fuel-contaminated soils. 
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WRI’s Diesel Dog® Soil Test Kit combines patented technology with a new ASTM method to detect and measure diesel and heavier fuel contamination in soils. It provides an easy, economical way to analyze samples, and the procedure can be performed in about ten minutes in the field.

The Diesel Dog® Soil Test Kit is designed for environmental consultants and contractors and laboratories conducting field analyses.  Other users may include gas and electric utilities, emergency response teams and local, state and federal environmental agencies. 

For an analysis using the Diesel Dog® Soil Test Kit, a soil sample is mixed with calcium oxide, which dries the soil and binds the humic, non-fuel organic materials to prevent them from interfering with results.  The fuel is extracted from the sample with isopropyl alcohol using a unique portable soil extractor with a motorized agitator.  Other methods require carcinogenic solvents and manual techniques such as stirring or shaking.  Finally, a photometer uses ultraviolet light to measure the amount of fuel in the sample. 

If you know the type of contaminant fuel but don’t have a sample for calibration, the concentration of fuel in the soil can be estimated using average response factors. If a sample of the contaminant fuel is available to use as a standard, the exact concentration of fuel in the soil can be determined. 

The Diesel Dog® Soil Test Kit also makes an effective complement to organic vapor analyzers (OVAs).  While OVAs are useful for screening soil for volatile gasoline vapors, they often fail to detect fuels in the higher boiling range, where Diesel Dog® excels. 

For more information on WRI’s Diesel Dog® Soil Test Kit, click here.


    E&ET Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit Photo
The ASTM method (ASTM D 5831, Standard Test Method for Screening Fuels in Soil) reinforces Diesel Dog’s value for federal compliance activities.
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