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Water Purification and Innovative Water Sampling Photo
Advanced Water Purification and Innovative Water Sampling
Western Research Institute Advanced Water Purification and Sampling. 
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Municipal waste water treatment facilities and government agencies are increasingly concerned with the existence of bacteria, viruses and emerging contaminants such as hormones and pharmaceuticals in drinking water. To effectively concentrate these toxic constituents during sampling and rapidly remove them, WRI has developed a nano-structured composite that carries positive surface charges and possesses unique interlayer structures that can remove negatively charged (anionic) molecules from waters on contact (adsorption). Successfully removed constituents include but are not limited to arsenic, selenium, viruses, bacteria, and endocrine active compounds such as hormones and pharmaceutical chemicals. With the same mechanism, this composite can be used to accumulate otherwise very low concentrations of constituents of concern (e.g., bacteria and viruses) from a large volume of water, making it an excellent sampling trap. WRI has also developed a proprietary process that enables the application of this unique material to a variety of water purification and sampling projects.

WRI holds two patents on this technology. For further information on how our unparalleled material and treatment process can increase the purity of your drinking water and facilitate sampling of extremely low concentration constituents click here.
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