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ASTM Standards

ASTM is where innovation and standards come together.
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Standards for materials, products, systems, and services help ensure usability and thus user acceptance and marketability. Standards are critical in an age of globalization. We develop methods for use with WRI and client technologies and conduct studies to evaluate product performance and method precision.  Many of these activities are closely tied to WRI’s participation in ASTM International, one of the world’s largest voluntary consensus standards development organizations.

ASTM provides a means for developing and publishing standards, test methods, specifications, practices, and guides covering a range of industries, such as petroleum, energy, environment, and transportation.  Input from a variety of stakeholders in the standards development process helps ensure that standards are technically competent and achieve the highest credibility when used for commercial, legal, and regulatory purposes.

Activities performed by WRI to support ASTM standards development include:

  • Developing test methods and procedures
  • Designing and coordinating validation studies to determine precision of the methods and  procedures
  • Designing and conducting studies to evaluate product performance
  • Writing draft standards
  • Submitting draft standards for review by ASTM committee members
  • Responding to ballot comments.

ASTM Committee D 34 on Waste Management 

WRI personnel have participated in ASTM Committee D 34 on Waste Management since the committee was formed in 1980.  This committee develops standards addressing topics related to generation, storage, transportation, analysis, treatment, recovery, and disposal of wastes from industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional sources. 

ASTM Committee D 04 on Road and Paving Materials
ASTM Committee D 04 on Road and Paving Materials develops standards, including specifications, methods of testing and sampling, classifications, and practices related to materials used in highway and transportation construction and maintenance.

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