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WRI SpectRelate
WRI SpectRelate
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SpectRelate©  Spectral Correlation Tool 
uses inexpensive spectral data to show exactly how
composition affects complex material properties.

WRI developed the patent-pending SpectRelate© tool to find answers to multimillion-dollar rheological and asphalt oxidation problems that eluded the asphalt community for decades. Now, whatever your field, you can put SpectRelate© to work to accelerate your research.

SpectRelate© generates correlations between any combination of spectral, chemical and physical measurements with limited observations.

SpectRelate© gives you correlations from actual, explicit, measured variables.

SpectRelate© is designed for complex mixtures with extreme spectral peak overlap.

SpectRelate© helps you gain understanding of complex chemical systems.

What makes SpectRelate better than PLS, PCA and other chemometric correlation methods?

SpectRelate© produces closed-form correlation equations—No “black box” latent variables.

SpectRelate© correlations can be imported into other programs, including Microsoft Excel®.

SpectRelate© lets you control variable groupings.

SpectRelate© provides overfitting alerts and parameter count advice.

SpectRelate accounts for and uses method precision in the fitting method.  

Complete ANOVA tables are provided.

A wizard interface makes SpectRelate easy to use.


SpectRelate© plots of shear modulus master curve of asphalt from inexpensive infrared measurements. 

This software contributed to research recognized by the Scientific Paper of the Year award in Road Materials and Pavement Design,* an international peer-reviewed journal.

Request your FREE SpectRelate© trial with demo datasets of real data at WRI.SpectRelate@uwyo.edu. Documentation and case studies included. 

*Petersen, J. C., and R. Glaser, 2011, Asphalt Oxidation Mechanisms and the Role of Oxidation Products on Age Hardening Revisited. Road Materials and Pavement Design, 12 (4): 795-819.

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