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Commercial Services

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You can put the most powerful tools of one of the world’s leading asphalt research laboratories to work for you.  Whatever you call it—asphalt, bitumen, residuum or pitch—we can help you gain insight into its performance and use it more effectively.  We can help you discover how asphalts interact with additives, modifiers, aggregates and other materials.

If you have a problem with an asphalt, additive or asphalt–aggregate combination or an unexplained pavement failure or production issue, we can help identify the cause. We perform non-routine chemical and physical analyses of asphalt materials and specialized research.

We can help you:
• Gain insight into your materials with laboratory analysis and modeling.
• Avoid materials failure through prediction, diagnostics and troubleshooting.
• Extend your capabilities with customized research and development.
• Quantify the value of your products with performance studies and field testing.
• Gain product acceptance through testing and process support for ASTM methods development.

From micro scale to field scale, whatever your asphalt or other material need, WRI can help.  For larger, multi-faceted projects, WRI can bring in partners with additional expertise.  All work is conducted on a confidential and proprietary basis, as required.

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Pavement Preservation
Customized Services
Clients and Partners

Contact :
Thomas F. Turner
Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies

(307) 721-2415
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