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Forensic (Diagnostic) Services

We’re who to call when a pavement fails.
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When a pavement fails prematurely, you need to know the cause.  Our recognized chemistry and engineering expertise and advanced laboratory techniques make WRI who to call for a complete evaluation.  Western Research Institute is a leading research and technology development center providing reliable consultation and forensic analysis for all types of hot mix asphalt pavement failures.  We can identify whether the cause was in the mix, materials or method of construction. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment to analyze the physical and chemical properties of asphalts, aggregates, additives and other pavement materials.  Some of the specialized tests we perform are atomic force microscopy, which allows fast analysis of asphalt properties and structures on a micro and nano scale; high-pressure liquid, gas and gel permeation chromatography; Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; differential scanning calorimetry; and dynamic shear and bending beam rheometry. 

You can expect reliable results with quick turnaround, complete confidentiality and competitive pricing.  We’re the top choice of contractors, DOTs, and suppliers.  We hope you don’t need us, but we’re here if you do.

Instruments we use 

Laboratory methods and instruments developed or adapted by WRI 


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