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Asphalt Research Consortium

The Consortium brings together many of the top organizations in asphalt research. 
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The Asphalt Research Consortium is a group of five organizations bringing an unprecedented depth and range of asphalt experience to bear on the needs of the asphalt community.  Under a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration, the consortium is undertaking a program to:

  • Generate a greater mechanistic understanding of fatigue and moisture damage
  • Develop technologies, standards, and procedures to improve the performance and predictability of asphalt paving materials
  • Validate new technologies in the field so they can be confidently adopted by industry and transportation departments.
  • Assess existing technologies for fast-tracking to commercialization
  • Provide a technical foundation to reduce contractor risk and taxpayer costs.

This ambitious team effort aims to accelerate progress in addressing key asphalt pavement performance issues.  The return on investment for America will be extended performance of asphalt roadways; reduced construction costs; safer construction zones; greater purchasing power of the Highway Trust Fund; and better, safer roads.

The participants are Western Research Institute (lead organization), Texas A&M University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Nevada-Reno, and Advanced Asphalt Technologies, with direction and input from the FHWA and the Binder, Mixture and Construction, and Models Expert Task Groups.

Asphalt Research Consortium Annual Work Plan for Year 2 

Asphalt Research Consortium Web Site hosted by University of Nevada-Reno 

Asphalt Research Consortium Partner Profiles


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