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It takes more than know-how to get the job done.
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Western Research Institute, located in Laramie, Wyoming, is one of the leading highway materials research laboratories in the world, working to correlate the physical properties of asphalts binders, aggregates and additives to their performance in pavement and other applications.  Facilities are a key component of the matrix that ensures the successful execution of WRI research and technology collaborations. 

Since the establishment of the Institute in 1983, WRI's headquarters have been in an imposing structure on the northwest corner of the University of Wyoming campus.  Today, we conduct all our transportation technology activities in this facility, which includes laboratories and administrative offices. 

The 22-acre WRI Advanced Technology Center (ATC), located one mile north of Laramie, is dedicated to WRI's energy and environmental activities.  Installed pilot-plant facilities include more than 22,000 square feet of combustion, pyrolysis, and gasification laboratories and a 4,500-sq-ft Heavy Oil Technology Center. 

A full range of specialized analytical and laboratory testing instruments supports WRI research programs.  Our affiliation with the University of Wyoming (UW) extends our technical and laboratory access even further.  Ultimately, however, facilities are the physical resources that “facilitate” getting the job done.  In that spirit, we’re not confined to buildings, acres or existing equipment.  We are our partners’ resource, wherever we’re needed and whatever it takes.

Instruments & Techniques 
• Atomic Force Microscopy
• Bending Beam
  Rheometer (BBR)
• Differential scanning
  calorimeter (DSC)
• Dynamic shear rheo-
  meters (DSR)
• Fourier transform infra-
  red (FTIR) including
  mircroscope (ATR)
• Gas chromatography with
  various detectors (FID,
• Gel permeation chroma-
  tography (GPC)
• High-performance liquid
  chromatography (HPLC)
• Inductively coupled
  plasma/atomic emission
  spectroscopy (ICP/AES)
• Magnetic resonance
  imaging (MRI)
• Nuclear magnetic
  resonance (NMR)
• Research-grade PAVs
  (variable time, temp-
  erature and pressure)
• Servo-hydraulic testing
• Spectrometry (GC/MS)
• Thermogravimetric
  analysis (TGA)
• Thermomechanical
  analysis (TMA)
• Ultraviolet-visible (UV-
  Vis) and fluorescence
• X-ray diffraction (XRD)

Contact :
Thomas F. Turner
Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies

(307) 721-2415
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