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Asphalt Research Consortium Partners
We're partnering to accelerate progress in addressing asphalt pavement performance issues. 
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Western Research Institute (Lead Contractor)
WRI is a Laramie, Wyoming, research and technology development organization with expertise in asphalt materials characterization (asphalt-aggregate-additives), refinery operations, field testing, method development and new technology applications. 

Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M
Texas A&M is home to the largest university-affiliated transportation research center in the country and brings to the consortium expertise in asphalt–aggregate interactions, concrete, soils, mix formulation, chemical, structural and geometric engineering, and traffic and safety.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
The UW-M Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering provides national expertise in rheology, polymer modification of asphalt, pavement analysis and failure testing, instrumentation, structural and geometric design engineering, and constructability.

University of Nevada-Reno
The UN-R Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering brings the resources of one of the leading programs in transportation, pavement, and materials, with specialized expertise in road-to-vehicle interaction and structural and geometric design engineering.

Advanced Asphalt Technologies
Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC, (AAT) is a specialized engineering company headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, that brings expertise in asphalt materials testing, modeling, design and engineering, polymer modification, field technology, and fast-tracking.


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